Yes, the curtains match the drapes.

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It goes to say that I'm not much of a whiz in the kitchen or on the sewing machine, for that matter.  The first is irrelevant in this situation but usually seems to go hand in hand with the second.  Penny was in desperate need of curtains, as the old ones were yellowed and could actually be described as crusty. (Yuck!)
Our first trip to the fabric store was only about a week after we had acquired our new charge.  In the midst of perusing tons of fabric bolts the 2 year old had a bit of a meltdown so we had to abandon ship.  We tried a week or two later and after much back and forth about color schemes, texture and durability we finally settled on a white and grey damask.  Eventually we want to paint Penny white with a gunmetal grey pop top, so these curtains would fit in perfectly and will look decent in her current state of school bus yellow.  (I'm sure you've caught on that I have a hard time not making stupid faces in photos...enjoy.)
 We enlisted the help of Jason's mom for her sewing expertise (as well as kitchen expertise, among many other things).  I wasn't of much assistance as the pieces were cut, measured and carefully stitched together... although I was trying to be a great cheerleader and learn a thing or two in the process!  I was a bit short in my fabric measurements so one more trip to the store for the back window curtain is on our agenda, but all-in-all they came out exactly how I imagined!

The family (including the dogs) piled into the bus for the inaugural hanging and now I'm happy to report that no one can peer in at us sleeping during our camping trips anymore!  Nothing to complain about there.

 A very big thank you to Mama Hammock for taking the time to make Penny even more awesome then she already is and for being patient with my lack of cutting and measuring skills!  The curtains came out great!  

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