about this go so thing

This Go Slo lifestyle was dreamt up one sunny day on the road to an amazing Wyo summer weekend.  

Our vintage VWs top out at a slow 55 mph, so we've learned to enjoy the ride as much as the destination.  Loving every minute of whatever is your best Wyoming life happens to be what we're all about.  Slow down and take it all in...it's pretty awesome.

BRIA, JASON & LITTLES // designers + owners

This Go Slo goodness started with a graphic designer, a software engineer and a need to not speed through life on fast forward.

Although they have jobs, responsibilites and little lives to nurture, Bria and Jason realized how important it is to take a minute and enjoy the awesomeness right in front them.

They are bonafied weekend warriors and use adventuring in their yellow VW bus, Penny, as an excuse to teach their kiddos the benefits of unplugging, enjoying and taking care of nature. 

larisa // jewelry artisan

Larisa and her husband moved West 9 years ago because...the mountains were calling.

The slow and simple lifestyle lead her to minimalism and the joy of adventure. She has lived in the mountains of Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and is now raising her little ones in the Bighorn mountains of Sheridan, Wyoming.

She designs and creates hand stamped metal jewelry from her home workshop while her babies nap. Larisa is inspired by all things wild and unpredictable and she hopes her jewelry will go with you as you blaze a trail somewhere unknown.

ashley // yarn artisan

Ashley grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. Growing up, she was either playing in the woods or preparing for craft shows. Since graduating high school she has lived countless places around the United States and has spent a few years abroad.

Two years ago the Air Force brought her + family to Wyoming. She has an awesome hubby and two amazing kids.  

When she's not crocheting, Ashley's climbing, leading a kids climbing club, hiking, or playing in the garage with her vintage {+ not so vintage} Volkswagens.

josiah + lindsey // coffee wizards

Josiah, a Wyoming native, and Lindsey, a Texan, met somewhere in the middle about 15 years ago and have been enjoying life together ever since.

After living in several different places, they are proud to call Wyoming home, and enjoy every opportunity they get to get out to the mountains for a hike with their dogs.

Several years ago, Josiah began a quest to make fresh roasted coffee at home and continues to pursue roasting and brewing perfection on a daily basis. Lindsey is a passionate entrepreneur and always has many irons in the fire, and enjoys working creatively in a variety of ways.