The grandest of finales.

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As this phenomenal arty journey comes to a close, Guernsey State Park stands as the grand finale, encapsulating the essence of this nature-filled experience. The park's winding roads, sparkling reservoir, breathtaking views, and diverse weather patterns provided the perfect backdrop for the conclusion of my artist residency. From cooling off on paddleboards to cozying up in a yurt, Guernsey offered a wonderfully mixed bag of experiences that mirrored the ever-changing personality of the Wyoming wilderness.


Again… always explore those canyons. 

Guernsey welcomed me with a heart-pounding road (in the best way that my fear of heights will allow) which meandered through the stunning canyons of the reservoir. The curvy ascent revealed new vistas, a reminder that the journey itself can absolutely be as beautiful as the destination.


Yurts were on the bucket list.

Settling into a yurt with a panoramic view of the lake felt like a culmination of backcountry comfort and nature's grandeur. On a particularly hot day, paddleboarding provided the perfect way to cool off in the shimmering waters. As the day transitioned into evening, I witnessed the most jaw dropping sunset of the entire trip. The colors painted across the sky were so captivating that I pulled up a log to paint them firsthand, capturing their fleeting fabulousness on my paper. The cozy yurt became a sanctuary as a cold front moved in overnight, reminding me of the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of Wyoming's fresh air.


Always pack the toasty clothes.

Wyoming's weather, as if embodying this amazing state's spirit, offered a windy dance of contrasts. One day, I found myself donning a bathing suit, seeking refuge in the cool waters, while the next demanded I pull on my puffy coat and beanie as I set out on a hike. This shift struck me as a perfect illustration of this wild west nature, where summer and winter can coexist within a span of days.


Loving those microhikes.

Hiking the Brimmer Point trail was a perfect way to punctuate my residency. The benefits of microhikes are a thing (look it up!) and the one mile trail led me along cliffs and over very art-ready bridge, offering a panoramic view of the park. It absolutely reminded me that it’s not always the amount of miles you hike, but just the fact that you’re out there getting it done at all. 

Guernsey State Park was a huge testament to the multifaceted nature of Wyoming's landscapes and weather. It taught me to embrace change, go with the flow, to find beauty in every weather pattern, and to appreciate the harmony that exists between seemingly opposing elements. The experience was a culmination of the lessons I've learned throughout my residency, a reminder that life's (and art’s) journey is just as important as its destination.

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