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So, I'm sitting here at my desk, in my office the night before our expansion. The glow of my monitor is really the only light in the room and it's {unusually} quiet in the house.

This Go Slo thing, this enjoy the moment way of life, has become part of my soul over the last few years in such a way that was totally unexpected and incredibly welcome. As the sun finishes it's path downward outside my Wyo window, I take just a minute to sit in my scared, excited and overwhelmingly wtf am I doing feelings.



The last month or so has been a blur of designing, being inspired and checking off all the boxes for each of our fabulous new state designs. {Or maybe just "okay" new designs... who knows, you decide}.  

 Living in Wyoming, we've always felt so lucky to be right near the crossroads of so many amazing western states. Within a day's drive, there's so much to explore and so many adventures to be had. Driving slowly {in our putt, putt, putty vintage VWs} across WY and into MT, UT, and CO, there's always a spectacular vista and/or a few smiling faces to greet us. Even when we don't quite make it to our final destination...because Volkswagening.


When it comes to living this Go So life, no one does it the way we do out here in the west. And that's really the heart of Go Slo's adventure into new states: The people. 
Our new state collections are a celebration of people like you... folks who live and breathe the west, extend the hospitality, hold that appreciation for all things vintage, and have an all-encompassing respect/love of where you live + play.

We love where YOU live and WE get to play
We also truly love where WE live and YOU get to play.
So excited to do this neighborly thing, guys and gals. Hope you're along for the ride. 

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