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We invested in a few stand up paddleboards two summers ago as a way to get the kiddos out on the water and nab a decent parent workout in the process. Phyllis {our '88 VW Vanagon named after Phyllis Vance of The Office fame} has toted them around on her roof for the past few years without complaint, so they've become a camping mainstay of ours.  

All was well and good in the paddling world until I discovered SUP yoga this summer.  What was this magical thing and how had I never subjected my balance to it before?! I was in love.  Yoga is a big part of my anti-stress routine on a typical day, but to melt into savasana with my hands dangling in the cool water and birds chirping above me?  Heaven.  Truly. 

After a few times out on the water this summer my brain wheels {yea, those} started turning and I reached out to an amazing yoga coach in Cheyenne.  She quickly agreed to jump on board with the Go Slo adventure I was plotting and we were off with a plan.  An Instagram giveaway as a thank you to our wonderful Go Slo'ers, culminating in a private SUP yoga class with the winners at Curt Gowdy, one of my favorite Wyo state parks. I was so stoked to share this new found love of mine with a fab group of folks!

The day of, my weather eye was focused on the expansive sky as the clouds rolled in and the temps continued to drop.  Whatever, we're badasses, I convinced myself as the sun started to peek through the clouds right before the winners started to arrive. 

Obligatory {and awesome} pre-class pictures were taken with Penny, our yellow bus, and we got to paddling.  For me, yoga is about trying to quiet my mind and taking a break from my typically hectic really is my Go Slo.

During our practice, the clouds opened up into driving rain, thundered ominously rumbled and the most gorgeous sunset I have ever been lucky enough to witness all let loose at exactly the same time.  Talk about Mother Nature putting everything else to shame.

The only thing in my quieted mind? Holy sh•t, how amazing is this?!

It was cold and wet and perfect.  I could not have asked for a more awesome and truly badass group of people to share that moment with.  This Go Slo thing man, sometimes it's take-your-breath-away awesome.  

This whole yoga love affair of mine inspired me to doodle some awesome new Go Slo leggings. Check 'em out if the mood strikes!




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