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I'm what you might call a hobbyist photographer. Whenever we find ourselves someplace awesome you can bet that a camera is not far from my hands.  I shoot with a Nikon D750 these days and I {literally} couldn't be happier when I'm peering through that lens. 

Go Slo shoots are quite a different monster.  But they're that type of warm fuzzy monster you really enjoy spending time with until you get too close to their food and a snarl gets sent your way. And...I'm not really sure why I skipped quite that far down analogy lane, but let's just go with it for the sake of discussion.

Anywayssss, shoots and I have a love // dislike kind of relationship.  Hate might be a strong word for this particular description. I love getting to goof around in the sunshine with my friends + kiddos.  I also actually love that super awkward feeling that washes over you when you're in front of the camera trying to SMIZE {yaaas, Tyra} and look super casual at the same time.  Of course we hang out in the middle of the field in adorable clothing....why wouldn't we do this. 

I mean, we do actually do that in real life, but when a camera is pointing at you it's just not quite the same.  My dislikes come in the form of intense planning, carting around piles of inventory and realizing that you didn't quite grab all the shots you needed when sitting in front of an Adobe Lightroom catalog 700 images deep.

But in all honesty who the hell cares about all of that?  Not me.  Any qualms that I ever have melt away approximately 30 seconds after I click the photo export button.  The minute I get to flip through yet another album of sunshiney laughter {however awkward}, bloopers and cheesing kids that I can't ever get enough of, my head rounds back to, yep...I'm a lucky SOB.   

Keep on Going Slo, folks.  <3

PS...A gigantic thank you to our awesome photog, Kerian. Catch her being a total rockstar with Ballet Wyoming next time you take in one of their performances!

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