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We happen to be pretty lucky to have such awesome makers in our dugout. I design all of our apparel, but there is so, SO much more talent that goes into our virtual website shelves.  

I want to introduce you to Ashley.  She co-runs Cheyenne's VW club with me and you know it's a friendship made in Volksy heaven when you meet a gal with a matching bug.  Yep, we totally have matching bugs. 

In addition to making some great vehicle decisions, she is super talented at really anything she sets her mind to...including knitting + crocheting all of our knit winter goodies {for the second year in a row}. 

Not only is she a phenomenal yarnist {yes, we have coined her as such...even if it's not a real word}, Ashley straps on her climbing shoes a few times a week, wrangles two awesome kiddos, rolls out her yoga mat and is in involved in literally everything she can be on FE Warren Air Force Base.

Originally from West Virginia, and having lived all around the world since, Ashley's Air Force hubby found himself with orders to Wyoming a few years ago and they haven't looked back.  Braving our wild winters and soaking in the perfect summers, they were even granted an extension to stay in our rad state for a few more years....and we're SO glad to keep 'em!

We could always order beanies from a supplier and slap patches on them for you, but that's totally not the same.  It's pretty awesome to be able to support our small, local makers and have the privilege of telling their story to you guys.  Getting to join her yarn shopping and hand picking every skein of yarn that goes into our products. And especially being invited into her home to have a peek at her knitting some Go Slo magic for us.  

We've done the bulk order hats from China thing once upon a time...and with all of the pinky promises in the world, we're never going back. Take a peek at the vid feature below for a little bit more on our Go Slo Yarnist!

Also, make sure to follow Ashley's own knit entrepreneurial endeavor on FB, Mikele Lane!


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