All the lights.

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It's the last day of the Christmas season today. Willie Nelson's holiday twangy voice is on the turntable in the background and the big day is looming tomorrow.

My seven year old keeps saying it doesn't seem like Christmas should be here yet. Weird right? I remember these months leading up to Santa's arrival taking eons when I was a kid. Are we doing something wrong, not holiday-ish enough or downright scrooge-y? 

It makes me think back to the Saturday after Thanksgiving and my absolute favorite way to ring in the holiday season. All the lights on all of the Volkswagens... of course.

Cheyenne's awesome Christmas Parade tradition has become one of my favorites even though morphing into a human popsicle is definitely one of the evening's requirements. 130+ floats wind their way around the historic downtown to the tune of carols in the air and intermittent flurries. All of the magic, if you ask me. 


Our VW club has participated in the parade the past few years and our 12 car float this year incited cheers and so, so many punch buggies from the Cheyenne crowd.

Certainly nothing like the whirr of aircooled motors, burning out your clutch and a group of your favorite festive folks to make for merry everything! Not sure why Santa has seemingly arrived so quickly this year, but we've had a pretty damn good time preparing. 

Merry Christmas, Go Slo folks.  I hope it's an awesome one. ❤️ Bria 

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