The soggy food.

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Well, the food itself wasn't soggy {that'd be gross}.  We sure were though. This just happened to be our third year filling the bus full of non-perishables for a Cheyenne-local crisis food bank. This also happened to be the first year where the weather HATED us.  

First time for everything though and our {amazing} club showed up in force to help support this awesome cause. It was busses, bugs and donuts galore as we tried to stay warm and maybe just a little dry. 

I was nervous when we pulled up in our big, yellow lady that it was going to be a bust, but despite the fog, rain and general nastiness Cheyenne pulled through {yet again}! 

Car after wet car kept rolling in, windows down, passing us overflowing bags of food through the raindrops.  It was one of those days that just simply makes you smile.  

When all was said and done we collected and subsequently offloaded over 600lbs of food for our fellow Wyo folk!  Every time that number comes back I'm pretty in awe of the generosity of our neighbors and how putting our silly vehicles in a parking lot can spur people to not only give copious amounts from their own pantries, but to come out in the yuck to tell us their VW stories...because everyone has one. {And we happen to love to hearing them.}

Thanks again, Cheyenne.  You continue to amaze...and you bet your booty we'll be back out there in a few months filling another bus for the furry {hungry} Wyo residents. Hope to hear your Volksy story! 


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