The first hike.

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You know that moment when something you've been waiting for forever is finally here? For me, it's a mix of excitement and already not wanting it to be over.  {I know, I in the moment, isn't that what Go Slo is all about?! YES, completely.  Sometimes I still struggle.}

Summer is that moment for me.  In Wyoming it's the day I go outside and the sun is strong enough to feel the warmth caressing your skin when it's only 9am. I wait and wait {sometimes impatiently} for that moment and Saturday was the day. 

We strapped on our sneaks, slathered on the sunscreen and I tested out our {fantastic} headbands for the first time in the Wyo wind. The smallest of the Go Slo littles was the only one in our care that day, so we were a bit skeptical about how long he would last on his own leg power.  Nevertheless, he picked the Canyons trail and off we went with little man blazing the path.

There was a surprising lack of people out at Curt Gowdy State Park that beautiful day and we had the trail to ourselves, save for a few mountain bikers. I can't ever get enough of watching our kiddo's wheels turning, learning new things and making amazing observations. 

The little one and myself are both continually confused about the amount of cactus in Wyoming, so each time we passed some it was {obviously} imperative that we stop and stare.   We also happened across some awesome caterpillars and native Wyo water pups on our journey. 

There's something about nature that turns me {and my better half} into kids again.  From tossing sticks into the stream, rock throwing contests and blowing danelions with all our adult cares totally melt away.  Can this be my Monday through Friday already?!

Sometimes I think my impatience is warrented when it comes to this summer thing.  An afternoon of hanging out with some of my fav people, even when it concludes with getting scolded for taking too many pictures {see below} and piggy backs galore. Those are the best afternoons.  Period.  End of story.

{Maybe not quite the end of story...} I really continue to find myself in awe of the beauty that surrounds us just 20 minutes from our backyard.  Here's to another Volksy trek, a little more fresh air in my lungs and a huge smile on my kiddo's face. 




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