The long way there.

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This Go Slo thing is a constant reminder for us to reevaluate, realign and relax.  Why fly when we could drive? idea.  So we didn't...we got there slow {-er than a plane} and it couldn't have been better.  

Jason and I try and go every other year to Scottsdale, AZ to catch a few games of MLB Spring Training for our wedding anniversary.  Typically, we slog down to the Denver airport, mosey through TSA and land in Phoenix a few hours later. 

This time baseball was only icing on the cake of the awesome five day roadtrip we found ourselves in the middle of.  I caught myself just staring out the window for hours on end, amazed at the changing topography and ridiculous scenery that was hanging out {almost...kinda} in my backyard.  

Instead of narrating, I'll let you stare with me.  The spark notes, in case you're interested in informatively staring... Colorado > Utah > Grand Canyon > Scottsdale > New Mexico > Colorado > Wyoming.

Take a roadtrip, guys.  It's pretty great. 



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