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I will never be a frosting artisan...or a successful baker, for that matter.  It's really the one thing I enjoy doing but know that it's going to come out laughable every time.  I am a walking Pinterest food fail and am actually pretty proud of it. {For proof, take a look-see below at my Pedro cake attempt last year...}

From garbanzo bean cookies that left the eater's tongue tingly to a solid {not-so-solid} loaf-ish thing of cookie dough, my family has been put through the taste test ringer. 

Then there is Pedro cake. Pedro just so happens to be our 1969 white VW Double Cab. For the past few years I have wanted to try my hand at fondant for Jason's birthday cake.  Fondant in the form of a Volkswagen, of course.  Is there any other way to make a birthday cake?!

Last year, I was naive to the need for dowels and NOT making the cake with applesauce {my go-to health hack}. This year I was determined to learn from my missteps and ensure Pedro was not, as we so lovingly described him, slumpy.

There was a trip to the store, only to be overwhelmed and intrigued by ALL THE CHOICES. Choices were finally made and I returned home to put my sweats on and settle into an afternoon of Pinterest failing.

Mixing, pouring and sampling happened. While the cake was baking I enlisted a small set of hands for the fondant rolling and frosting coloring. More sampling happened. {Scraping the bowl is the best, isn't it?!}

The cake successfully came out of the oven and {actually} even more successfully came out of the pans. I'm impatient, which explains my lack of baking skill, so the cakes went into the freezer to cool.  {And yes, I need to clean out my freezer!}

With my non-applesauced cake cooling extra quickly, I cut and stacked the layers into a Pedro-esque shape.  There was frosting applied and dowels inserted with absolutely no signs of slumping! In my head I'd already nailed it and the decor wasn't even finished.

The fondant was carefully { + frustratingly} applied and I un-artistically drew in all of the double cabby details.  {Thanks to Momma Hammock for gifting me her futuristic cake decorating tools!}

VOILA! It was a Pedro that didn't look like was about to melt into the pavement. Success was had and my love of Pinterest failing will be tested again on Pedro v3 next year. Sometimes it's totally okay to suck at something you love to do.  Own it and enjoy! 


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