It was a warm-ish, Wyo weekend.

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One of the best things about this Go Slo life for me? {BTW, this is Bria, that crazy blonde Go Slo'er with the iPhone down there...} Its an awesome excuse to take a breather, enjoy the people around you and laugh like you haven't in forever. 

I consider myself ridiculously lucky to be surrounded by super-smart, incredibly talented and gorgeous, I puppy-dog eyed a few of my favs and somehow convinced them to run around Cheyenne's beautiful, textured, gentrifying West Edge for an afternoon snapping some Go Slo-ish pictures {with some pretty epic outtakes}. 

Ignore me while scrolling and take note of the building porthole being discovered in the background. 😂😂Priorities...amirite?!

Not only are they rockstars in front of the camera, making a few Saturdays ago the best shoot we've had thus far, but our lovely photog pulled off some amazing shots {coming soon to social media near you}, behind and in front of the lens. Take a little scroll, she's that one right there...

My goal of great shots shelved for a moment, I truly walked away from that afternoon refreshed.  A kind of refreshed that I forgot existed.  I was able to leave all of my {sometimes overwhelming} roles at home.  For just a few hours I wasn't a mom, wife, daughter, graphic designer, employee or entrepreneur.  I was just a friend.  Something so simple, yet so, so important. 

This adulting {read: parenting} thing sometimes forces those friendships aside and I can't believe how happy I am to rediscover such a simple joy. That mantra that's been going around lately?  Something about getting rid of things if they don't bring you ladies most definitely aren't going anywhere and a {gigantic} thanks for reminding me.  

Keep going slo, ladies and gentleman. It might surprise you {+ make you laugh when your friend climbs the building and gets stuck}. <3


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