A little face behind the camera.

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I'm a shutterbug.  The moment I picked up a camera for AP Art class I knew there was no going back.  There is something surreal about being able to capture that perfect moment, a landscape, maybe something unexpected and keep it forever.  

I'm not a Wyoming native.  I have about a decade of 307 under my belt, but I grew up in Connecticut.  I snagged a degree from an awesome college on the banks of the Hudson River and migrated south to NYC for a few years.  My Saturdays consisted of grabbing my camera, hopping on the subway and hopping off at any random station.  I loved capturing the dirt, grime and general wear and tear of the city in a way that turned that notion on it's heel.  It was beautiful behind the lens and I couldn't get enough. 

Right before coming to Wyoming, I spent a considerable amount of time in rural Vietnam teaching English and found myself taking it all in the same way.  An entire day could melt away when you're waiting for the perfect shot and the feeling of getting it is even better. 

Fast-forward ten years and I find myself raising a budding artist...a 6yo little girl who draws everything and colors always.  Sadie has been increasingly interested in trying out her hand behind the camera and eats up every tip I pass on about photo theory, framing and how to nab the perfect picture.   So, last weekend I gave her my camera and we wandered downtown. 

I asked her to help me with shooting for Go Slo, since we were a little short handed and she proceeded to blow me away.  Although the following set of pictures seems like a montage of my face {because it is...and the Go Slo boys were home sick}, I want you to look past that, because it's behind the camera that matters.  I want to you to see something that I am so freaking proud of.  Something that makes my heart melt and something I'm going to cultivate the hell out of.  

You go little girl.  Bloom.  






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  • AWESOME !!!! You keep nurturing that creativity ?. Just think of the great places it could take her???? Love you guys more than words can convey ❣️

    Carol Soucy on

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