Pizza + a waterfall.

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I'm in denial about this end of summer thing.  It's NOT a thing, right?  See what I mean?

Because of my current state of Winter disregard, we are trying to smoosh as much outside in to these last summer days as we can.  I'm pretty glad my kiddos and hubby are just as on board as I am, because it was 3 miles to find this waterfall.  

Curt Gowdy State Park {right outside of Cheyenne} is home to a little waterfall-shaped gem at the end of a pretty gorgeous hike, and we were determined to make it there. Lunch eaten and campsite readied, we took off as fast as the little legs in our group would go.  

About an hour and some shoulder rides for the littlest one later, we made it.  Worth it? Totally.  Gorgeous, crystal clear water and a few beaches for the littles to craft us lucky parents dirt-packed cherry and blueberry 'pies'. What more could a mom ask for? Pizza. 


It has become a personal goal of mine to craft some different campsite dinners for us and after we cooled down from our hike this was my first foray into the unique.  Campfire french bread pizza sounded easy and awesome, so my little sous chefs and I got the prep underway.  

Minus a little cheese stickiness, they turned out awesome.  The epic cheese stretch Sadie achieved pretty much sums up the experience for everyone.  On to s'mores {obviously} and a little campfire-ing.  Literally, how is it going to be 6+ months until I can do this again?  Absurd. 

Since chocolate donuts didn't sit overly well on the last camping trip, {read: 2yo with chocolatey carsickness} we opted for a healthier alternative this time around.  Jason is the breakfast guru and even managed to craft us up some eggs and bacon from inside the bus when the Wyo wind became too much of a flame-robbing nuisance.  

Morning melted into some rock-throwing by the lake and it was time to call it good. {Really} good.  Good enough to prompt me to come home and quickly make another campsite reservation for the coming weekend.  Am I getting fresh air greedy? Yup, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Just a little PS. on our yellow Penny bus progress.  This is the current state of our garage, but it's better than it looks {I swear}! She's closer to running smoothly than she has been in awhile.  More details to come as the cold weather closes in and we get to dive into her resto a bit more!


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