The curtains do match the drapes. {part two}

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For those of you that have been following the Penny saga for a while now, you may remember that we already had this perversely named blog post...hence the part two.  I had crafted curtains for her a few years ago that I never really settled on loving, so this weekend was a start from scratch kind of weekend. 

We've finally decided that this year Penny will go back to her original color, Pastel White, as a nice nod to her backstory.  That made curtain picking a bit easier as, believe you me, deciding on curtains for a yellow bus is more than difficult.  

I had a lightbulb moment the other day when feeding my caffeine addiction at one of our local shops.  They had a sign imploring customers to buy their used coffee bean I walked out a few coffee bean bags richer. 

I gathered my supplies, furry + little helpers and embarked on creating curtains in the least sewing machine-y way possible.  {Those contraptions and myself are good and fast enemies.}

I measured, measured, measured and cut.  While measuring, I happened to be scolded by my two year old son that I was using Daddy's tool and shouldn't be. Apparently, according to Owen, Mom needs her own crafting ruler.  And also, apparently, we need to work on the whole women can use tools thing with him.  Good to know.

To really commit to my sewing machine feud, I decided to use iron-on no sew adhesive which I have a long, successful history with.  And for those of you who have not witnessed my up-cycling in person, a hair straightener comes into play more than one might think.  You may judge...but no iron I know of can heat fabric front and back all at once!

With the panels securely no-sew stuck together, I grabbed my loop fabric, firmly adhered + hair straightened those into nice strips and began the attaching process.  At that point I had to break down and grab a *GASP* needle and thread. 

Loops attached and buttons on {with only a few pricks} it was time to test them on our yellow lady, herself. 

My little helper had been MIA for awhile and when I went out to the garage for the test run I found what Jason proclaimed as Garage Camping. {Exclamation mark.} The boys were busy cleaning Penny up and attaching some new anchors to her pop-top.  She had a recent affinity for making us think her camper top was about to deploy mid-drive.  Tends to be a little nerve racking as a passenger. 

Penny's new curtains fit perfectly and once her {new-to-her} front seats are un-plaided, the covers are put on the back seats and Jason finishes updating the laminate cabinets, she's going to be one Pinterest-worthy ride.  {Hey, hold back those eye rolls! I I love up-cycling...can you blame me for loving Pinterest?}

It is worth mentioning the fact that Penny was enjoying her seldom-received garage time this weekend.  Our shiny '68 Mustang, however, was not enjoying winter driveway time.  What can I say, some cars {*ahem* Volkswagens} are just more hearty and less spoiled.  

And that's why I love them. <3





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