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We spent a little time away from our bus resto this weekend in the name of Go Slo. Most times we use the excuse get outside and take brand pictures as a mini family road trip {because why not}.  Most times these days begin with something scrumptious in the breakfast food department.  This weekend could definitely be described as most times.  

My daily driver is a tan '68 VW Bug, who I have aptly named Peanut.  I didn't think I was a bug kind of girl {I really want a VW Thing at some juncture of my life. Think Drew Berrymore in 50 First Dates}. But despite that, I love do the two little blondies in my life.  We all piled in Peanut, pancakes on the brain, and set off to our fav out-of-the-way greasy spoon.


The best part of this little adventure? Besides pancakes, finding horses to pet and VW drives, of course — the fact that we were ridiculously outside in Wyoming.  It was one of those weekends that teases you of Spring and tickles your brain with a warmpth that seems so far away. The sun was glorious, although the ever-present winter wind was still whispering in our ears {and blowing constantly through my increasingly horrible hair style}.  Didn't matter.  Sun and fresh air mattered. 

A close second best of a day like this?  Outtakes!  Usually of me, since I'm the gal who likes to make crazy camera faces.  A consequence of the fact that sincere smiling Bria always looks too....something?  Absolutely.  I do get captured like this more than one should.  But hey, quirks, right?

At the end of the day {realistically and figuratively} I love that our little shop continually reminds us - and gives us reason - to slow the hell down, get outside and enjoy the stuff we love.  In this case it was long drives under a crystal blue sky, watching my kids run amuck amongst the long winter grasses and {my long-time love} of indulging my inner shutterbug. This mom heart melted just a bit more when Sadie was over-the-moon excited about picking up my camera and exploring through the lens.  

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