That rug really tied the room together.

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No, that rug really didn't.  Nor did the fitted sheet that had been Penny's rear seat cover for the better part of the past four years.  Gone — both are gone and it feels amazing. 
We visited the floor store {hey there, poet} a few evenings ago and picked a grey wood grain vinyl {read: we have messy kiddos} with big aspirations for a real hard wood floor for Penny resto 2.0 a handful of years down the road.
Today was a rip out the gross, moist {yes, damp}, dirty brown carpet kind of day.  Also on the docket was befriending the shop vac, deep cleaning and taking the back bench seat out for an upholstery job. 
Our two little peanut gallery members were buzzing around the bus and attempting to help as much as 5 years and 2 years allows.  Sadie was pretty impressed with her future up-high bunk...until the 40 year old fabric decided to epically rip, that is. 
After the littles escaped the rip unscathed, it was time for a shiny new Penny floor. After an hour of cuts, puts and steps back to admire the new addition to our old lady, it was complete.
Penny resto 2.0 will call for new cabinet faces, but until then my plan of attack in the next few weekends involves some kid-friendly chalkboard paint and a hell of a lot of chalk.  
Hopefully with a new grey floor, chalk-able black cabinets, black seats and some spiffy new burlap curtains Penny will start to feel like our bus away from home.  In extra-short retrospect, hopefully is much too soft a word.  I have no doubt about that home feeling, because I feel it already.  I just can't ignore an excuse to DIY my weekend away.  Stay tuned, folks...she's getting there!

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  • Love the new floor. Turning into an awesome camper

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