Mom, can we draw on the bus?

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Yes, the enthusiastic answer is yes. Our temporary solution to not beautifully restoring Penny's cabinets for the sake of small kid chalk.  Over the last few weekends I diligently attacked each cabinet with many, many coats of chalkboard paint.  Today was the maiden voyage. 

I took care to *condition* the surface as all the blogs yell adamantly that you must, before any bit of chalk touches the paint.  This has hints of complication and maybe shampoo{?}... but really only entails rubbing chalk all over the surface and then wiping it off with a damp cloth.  Something about allowing better erasing in the future. Whatever the black works, so I made it happen.

Not only does Sadie love drawing {love might be putting it lightly} I'm a fan of the artsy-fartsy myself. Graphic design fills up my Monday-Friday and I can't say no to any outlet for some creativity to ooze from.  

In addition to Sadie becoming the youngest hand-lettering-while-camping guru in existence, we're hoping for some campsite distraction after the fresh air and piles of dirt have worn their welcome.  Maybe a few rounds of Hangman, Tic Tac Toe or Pictionary? Sounds awesome to me.  

Until then...driveway doodling it is.

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