Crap...We made it.

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Alright, guys.  It was time. Time to call the father-in-law to be on break-down stand by. Time to check to make sure the AAA card was safe in my wallet.  Time to take Penny out beyond Cheyenne city limits.  

We had been puttering around town incident-free for about a week to stretch her little engine legs.  Incident-free, save for a few unexpected billowing clouds of smoke.  (A big sorry to the Cheyenne folks in our wake).  She was needing to burn off some old oily junk, so what seemed like a big spectacle was really...not so much. 

Easter Sunday seemed like a good day to chance our first journey, right?  Maybe not so much, but we did it anyway.  Curt Gowdy State Park was our destination.  The Easter Bunny was our guide.  Or maybe just an excited two year old in the backseat.  

40 minutes later and not even a single stop to check the engine moment, we were there and it was glorious.  Not only was it the perfect day to be outside with no agenda and no electronics {save for my Nikon, of course}, we were there with our bus. Penny legitimately road-tripped, people!  As short of a road trip as it could have gotten, but she made it and I loved her for it.

This day was four years in the making and damn, did it feel good. {And even better after our engine-checkers declared an official all clear.}  We were there amongst only a few other campers and hikers, but I couldn't help but feel how amazing this summer was going to be.  

After 2+ hours of soaking in the sun and watching Owen throw all of the rocks in a 50 foot radius into the lake, I was hooked.  This was my happy place.  

It doesn't matter the location {although this one was pretty badass}, fresh air, family and the sound + smell of our vintage Westy are all this gal needs for an amazing day.  

There is just something about taking the time to take it all in and enjoy every moment, especially when you're in a big yellow toaster going somewhere awesome at 55mph.  

This Go Slo lifestyle,'s a pretty great thing. 



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