The lady wants some sunshine.

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Thoughts of putting on come uncomfy shoes and standing in an overpriced line for overpriced prime rib sounded just like what Mother's Day shouldn't we did our own thing.   Our own sunshiney thing. 

Our big yellow gal, Penny, hasn't been registered for any sort of recreational anything since 1999 {according to her Salt Lake City permit I so lovingly scraped off her windshield}. Not anymore, folks!  She is officially branded as a Wyo State Parks kind of bus and we couldn't be more stoked.  


We packed a super-gourmet picnic lunch of sandwiches + chips; in addition to a mom, grandma, dad and a few kiddos.  Penny's newly restored motor surprised us by being smoke-free the entire way.  We're crossing our fingers that all oil that was in need of a burn off has been charred beyond recognition.  


We hunkered down in our spot and decided that Hidden Falls should be our on-foot destination.  After consulting one of the {awesome} park rangers about the hike out there, we decided that the two mile jaunt might be a bit much for two year old legs. Those little legs hoofed it for about half a mile before giving in to the u-turn...only after being distracted by geeselings, SUP'ers and branches, of course. 

(On a complete side note...excited for Go Slo Wyo trucker hats and new summer designs to hit the shop June 1st!)

It was pretty awesome spying our girl peeking out from amongst the green on the way back to the campsite... and even better getting to pop the cooler, grab a chair and soak in the sun and breeze in her big yellow shadow.  

And even better knowing that this was going to be summer...our summer.  Blue skies, kiddo smiles and throwing countless rocks into countless of bodies of Wyo water. Penny's resto is far from finished, but this is just the beginning for our adventures in her.  


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