She's home, guys.

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She probably thought we abandoned her.  Left out at the shop to wait for her next barn find opportunity.  Not so, Miss Penny!  Today she came home...on her own power, none-the-less.  And all it took was a good battery jump (and nine months of engine rebuild, wiring issues, and swearing). No big deal. 

She is a little worse for the wear (looks-wise) since she came out to the Dad-In-Law's shop, thanks to some nasty Wyoming hail this summer.  A new windshield in the next month or so and a little bit of love, she'll be just as rusty-beautiful as she was before.

We are still a bit undecided on her current engine situation, but are taking her home to see if she can work out the kinks on her own.  A few weeks of driving, some time to let gunk burn off, valves seat and other VW'y stuff like that.  We have a b-e-a-utiful rebuilt, shiny Type 4 motor waiting at a friend's house for purchase, should she need just a bit more oomph in her step.   

The wind is at her back (or front, depending on the minute on these high plains) and she's off.  Bound for the paved road for the first time in years.  I didn't cry this time, really much to my surprise. 

I followed close behind, just in case.  My task, glancing for anything strange - in liquid, fire or smoke form.  The two littles were in the back cheering, just as excited for upcoming Penny adventures as we are.  

Although it was only a short 15 minute jaunt home, she made it safe and sound.  A huge win for the giant task I have placed on her...ridiculously amazing memories for our family. 

She has already written so many stories with us (good and bad), but I have a feeling that those are just the beginning with this lovely yellow lady.  And with the looks on these brownie-covered faces, they think so, too.  

We opened her rear end up just for good measure and everything checked out. Welcome home Penny.  We're so, so glad to have you back.  <3



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