The catch up.

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It's been awhile.  A really long while.  Life stuff -- we're still a graphic designer and web developer and loving it.  We've added an amazing little boy, Owen, to the Hammock clan, bringing our kid count up to a final two.  A job or two, a venture or two, a brand new Wyoming VW club and this little thing called Go Slo Wyo.  

This little thing, an apparel company, has our heart.  It was born from the notion that these VWs (something else that has our hearts) go super slow, which forces us to take in the ride and enjoy every moment.  That is what life should be and we want to shout it from the rooftops.  We are busy...we get it.  But taking the time to enjoy that most favorite meal, an amazing sunset or the Wyoming wind in your hair is awesome and so, so important.  

Penny stuff.  For the new readers, this is a blog following the journey of our first VW, Penny.  She is a 1973 VW Campmobile and is gearing up for her maiden full fledged camping season...all in the name of Go Slo.  

It's taken 4 years, but she's almost ready.  About a year ago she got towed out to the shop and given a full once over.  Breaks, wiring harness, seat belts you name it.  

The engine was (and is still) the big question mark.  Jason did an amazing rebuild, but it's still not perfect.  This engine's moment of truth was amazing though.  Will it fire or had been countless hours of work.  I cried.  Yep, bawled over a hunk of metal. Hey, it's going to be a memory-filled hunk of metal, okay?

We've got a bunch on tap for Miss Penny this winter.  From deciding whether or not to put a fresh (-ly bought) rebuilt engine in her hindquarters, brand new interior upcycle and maybe a Go Slo vinyl wrap -- stay tuned.  She's worth it.  
T-minus 5 months until camping season! We've deemed this year amusingly hash-taggable #summerofcamping2017.

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