Nature's got some warmth.

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The next stop on my arty residency found me exploring Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis, WY. This park is a true testament to nature's toasty + wild wonders, boasting rejuvenating hot pools, vibrant colors, and encounters with the wild, bison-y inhabitants that call this amazing place home. From experiencing the morning mist rising from the hot pools to crossing a suspension bridge and sharing the road with majestic bison, my time at Hot Springs State Park was an absolutely perfect blend of relaxation, awe, and a gentle reminder of our place within the natural world.

Don’t swim in the hot pools (except the ones you’re supposed to).

The day began with a symphony of sensations as I entered Hot Springs State Park. The sight of the steam gently rising from the hot pools greeted me and as I approached the pools, I was captivated by the unique colors of the water. From deep blues to vivid greens and warm oranges, each pool held a palette of colors that seemed almost surreal against the backdrop of the natural landscape.


Bounce on the bridge only a little.

Venturing further into the park, I crossed a suspension bridge that spanned the formidable Big Horn River. The gentle sway of the bridge beneath my feet added a touch of excitement to the stroll. Standing in the middle of the bridge peering the mist in the distance, I felt suspended between the rushing waters below and the endless sky above. The view was a snapshot of the park's beauty, a blend of water, rocks, and surrounding greenery. I stuck that snapshot in my proverbial back pocket for some future paint playing. 


Bison are my favorite (from afar).

No visit to Hot Springs would be complete without a close-ish encounter with its wild inhabitants. As I eased the truck through the bison pasture, the sheer size and presence of a magnificent male bison left me in awe. He stood majestically in the middle of the road, a silent reminder that we were guests in the home of these remarkable creatures. The experience was a humbling reminder of the importance of respecting the boundaries of the natural world and its inhabitants. Those bison are quite dangerous.


All the things are all connected.

Hot Springs State Park was more than just a destination; it was a lesson in the intricacies and beauty of the natural world. The rising steam, the vibrant colors, the suspension bridge, and the bison encounter all spoke to the interconnectedness of life and the importance of finding balance within it. As an artist, I was reminded of the infinite inspiration that nature offers, not only through its visual beauty but also through the stories and lessons it has to share.

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