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Continuing my arty odyssey through the breathtaking landscapes of Wyoming, my next stop led me to the awe-inspiring Boysen State Park, nestled within the embrace of the Wind River Canyon. This unique haven of natural beauty presented a sensory-bombarding blend of rushing waters, rugged canyons, and vibrant sunflowers. From heart-pounding white-water rafting to creating art on the tranquil riverbanks, Boysen State Park etched its beauty onto my heart and canvas in ways I could have never anticipated.

Always explore the canyons.

Boysen’s spot within Wind River Canyon is an absolute testament to nature's mastery. As I stood on the canyon's edge (yes, still battling my fear of heights), peering down at the winding river below, I couldn't help but marvel at the eons of geological history etched into the walls of rock and wonder what it was like before we were here. The canyon's story, written in layers of time, was a reminder of the earth's enduring resilience and beauty.

Cabins define the word cozy.

My stay at Boysen was made all the more poetic by the charming cabin nestled along the riverbanks. I have a thing for cabins.  Specifically cabin mornings where I can sip my campfire boiled coffee with a river soundtrack babbling next to to me.  This checked all those boxes, my friends. Surrounded by a sea of sunflowers, the cabin felt like a sanctuary where time slowed down.


You want to dry bag art supplies down the river?

The highlight of my Boysen State Park adventure was undoubtedly the 12-mile white-water rafting journey down the rushing river. I was so pumped to get a different view of the towering canyon walls. I strapped a dry bag filled with watercolor supplies to my vest and embarked on the ride the dual purpose of experiencing the thrill of the rapids and getting in some river bank arting. Halfway down the rapids we stopped at a picturesque spot along the riverbank for lunch. As the river's song played in the background, I set up my paints and allowed the immense beauty to move my brushes. The interplay between the untamed water and my delicate brushstrokes felt like a tango between two elements of nature.


Soak it all in with your eyes. 

The fusion of wild waters, towering cliffs, and vibrant flora created an exquisite backdrop that invigorated me for the rest of my creative trip. Whether it was navigating the rapids, painting by the river's edge, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, every experience was a lesson in embracing the present moment and I found my muse intertwined with the rhythm of the river and the whispers of the canyon. This chapter of my journey reaffirmed the transformative power of the natural world and its ability to infuse creativity with a sense of evolving wonder and awe.

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