Making of a Pattern

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Just to clarify, when we say hand-illustrated we really mean it. Our founder, Bria, is a bit of an arty geek and we've been brainstorming this Wyo-inspired pattern for what seems like forever... and maybe a day after that.  

We asked all of you lovely social media folks for input on your fav iconic Wyoming things and this is the culmination of that ask! Bria started crafting on her iPad in Procreate with some simple line drawings and in a jiffy moved those into Adobe Illustrator to play around in her favorite color sandbox. 


Always taking from the gorgeous Wyo landscape for inspo, she putzed around and finally landed on five palettes for our initial pattern release (more to come!) a boho Terra, bright Sunset, pastel sunrise and black/white versions for Dark Sky and Snow Blind. 

Go Slo happens to be all about getting outside + taking some time to do what you love... making stuff is absolutely on that love list for us.  Thanks for taking a read and hope you enjoy our new design-y labor of Wyo love as much as we do. :)

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