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Life's changed a bit in the last few months. { Now that's the understatement of the year, right?! } Both Jason and I are now working fully remotely and it got us thinking a bit.  Why the hell are we sitting in our home offices all day and not taking the opportunity to adventure?!

Well, one of those reasons is the small, cute, school-going humans that also reside in our house. They happened to be on spring break last week, so adventure we did.  Laptops in hand, we decided to set out on a workcation at an alpaca ranch in Delores, CO.

Yep, you totally read that right.  

Alpacas. 😍

As I tend to do, I was worried about all the things. The wifi signal, finishing work in time to actually explore, the potential bordem of those previously mentioned little humans... the list is pretty endless.  Should I be more positive?  Yep!  Because did any of those things actually ruin the trip? Nope!

 It was an early-to-rise/work situation, but getting off work at three allowed us to pack up and take mini day trips almost every day.  Peeking the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, traversing the canyon and dwellings at Hovenweep, and picturing life at Lowry Pueblo were just a few of our late afternoon destinations. 

The kiddos got to get their rancher on and were able to help take care of the alpacas on the ranch a few mornings during the week. I was pretty happy to have the prime view over the top of my laptop and even got to flip the screen around to give my coworkers front row seats to a pretty gnarly alpaca showdown.

During my lunch hours I took some time to sit in the sun and play with watercolors... there were some pretty adorable, fluffy muses. But, honestly, I wasn't quite aware of how much I truly needed a Go Slo retreat away from the bustle of everyday life and the routine that is sometimes hard to claw your way out of. 

I always say that this little lifestyle brand of ours was born on a slow VW roadtrip, but also out of a need to figure out how to slow down ourselves.  It's always such a great reminder to enjoy the amazing fresh air goodness right in front of us... but is a pretty great excuse to seek out some new { + gorgeous } vistas, also!

I feel EXTRA lucky that we are now able to flex our life a bit these days and will not turn down another digital nomad getaway any time soon... especially when we get to cap it off with a baseball game hot dog and beer on the way home. 

Thinking about trying out this Go Slo thing during your remote work week?! Reach out! We'd love to swap stories!


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