Fat Penny on Gilligan's Island.

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As I've mentioned before, we promised Fat Penny new shiny shoes and break lines upon our safe return from the camping trip.  A myriad of incompetent people, horrible customer service, six visits to a ghetto motel/bus station and a wheel-stealing Greyhound bus made procuring both of these things quite the process.

Pull the Gilligan's Island Theme Song tune out from the back of your head and hum along with our tale...

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, 
A tale of a frustrated pair 
That started from this capitol city 
Aboard this vintage bus. 

The guy was a handsome one, 
The lady blonde and tall. 
They wanted to make Penny shine
But they were the only ones, they were the only ones. 

The brakes were a bit rough, 
Without new ones she was doomed, 
To O'Riley Auto Parts the couple went 
They got three lines but the fourth was lost, the fourth was lost.

They kept returning to the site of this uncharted store 
With Grumpy Pat
The Sad Lady too, 
The Lug Nut Guy and his pal, 
Finally got our fourth break line 
After three weeks and six trips
Here on O'Riley's Isle. 

So this is the tale of the bus restorers, 
They're waiting for a long, long time, 
All they want is some old stock rims, 
It's was an uphill climb. 

They bought the wheels from theSamba.com 
They were put on a big Greyhound, 
The girl was a tid bit nervous, 
But was sure they would make it just fine.

Her first trip to the Rodeway Inn 
there was only one box there, 
Two wheels for a bus of four, 
Where could the other half be? 

They put those two back on the bus,
Denver bound they were. 
Our guy and girl were sad,

Six visits later the wheels were there 
Here on Fat Penny's Isle.

I'm proud you made the the whole way through, and now will have that tune stuck in your head the rest of the day!  You're welcome :)

We were pretty convinced that we were never going to see the second half of the wheels after they had been sent back to wherever they came from by some wonderful motel employees, but bright and early Saturday morning we received the call saying our precious cargo had arrived...again.  I told the lady to watch the box until we arrived and we rushed over to grab them so they didn't disappear again.

They now have a new set of tires on them and we're just patiently waiting for our lug nuts, hub caps and beauty rings to arrive.  Stay tuned for the unveiling of Penny's new shoes in the next week or so!

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