Cold weather intermission.

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Cold Weather Intermission

Hello again long-lost readers!  I apologize profusely for our hiatus from the saga that is restoring Penny, Wyoming weather and holidays have been getting in the way of our progress!  We have, however, been taking Penny out for the occasional cold weather drive and although she's excited for the other carb rebuild kit to arrive, she's chugging along pretty nicely.

Her yellow is barely peeking out from beneath the freshly fallen inches of snow this morning, while we are waiting eagerly for the thermal cover to arrive that was on backorder. (So many buses that need to stay warm!)  And just as a holiday side-note, a shout out to Bed Bath & Beyond for satiating the needs of us bus enthusiast parents who want to pass along the tradition to our kids by giving this beauty to the masses:

And to the myriad of friends and family who have sent us excited text messages about their discovery in the BB&B store!  Thanks for thinking of us as your go-to VW family :)
Also, one more holiday thank you to Mama Hammock for the great new hand-painted addition to our Christmas tree this year.  Penny is officially a part of the family. 
We hope that everyone has a great holiday season and is as blessed as we are with great friends, family and hobbies to make their every day the best that it can be.  We will catch up with you after the holidays when we start back on our list of Penny improvements!

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