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Looking back on it, last year was a pretty busy year for new beginnings.  Go Slo became a twinkle in our eye {which was awesome}, but just prior to that Jason and I decided to form a little VW club in town.  Now, we really only did this for two reasons.  1.  There wasn't a club, so why not.  2. We know how important it is to give back to the community {for us and the kiddos} and we were looking for a unique way to do that.  Did we create a club just to have a food drive?  Yea, pretty much. 

Come twelve turns of the calendar and Wyoming Aircooled is actually thing.  A really awesome thing with more members than I could have imagined, events, officers and even a {gasp} bank account.  We have met a ridiculous amount of ridiculously great people, whom I'm now pretty stoked to call my friends.  So, a few weeks ago Wyoming Aircooled food drived. Yes, as a verb.  And Cheyenne, add it to your resume, because you rock at food driving. 

This lovely group of ours takes to the parking lot twice a year stuffing VW busses to the brim for local charities.  This time for Needs, Inc.  a local crisis center and food bank.  We try to collect goods for each agency during their seasonal lull in donations.  Non-perishiables tends to be the summer, so there we were.  {Pet food is around the holidays, so more on that later}. 

Three hours, some delish gratis wings for lunch {thanks Wing Shack!} and a bigger outpouring than I could have imagined later, our 2 busses were full.  FULL, folks!  Could we have stuffed a bit more in our yellow Penny bus? Probably, but we barely filled one bus at our inaugural last year.  From a girl with a marketing degree, our year-over-year increase was more than amazing. 

We made our way across town, hoping that cans and boxes of pasta weren't going to jump ship {or bus!} on the way over there. Our littles loved helping unload Penny and Pedro {our white truck} for all of the people who needed our help.  And at the end of the day Cheyenne, you delivered - big time.  Want some numbers?  We've got them. 

2 VW Busses

3 hours

1,026 lbs of food (2x last year!)

10 large bags of clothing


The feel-goods you get from pulling off an event like this is totally just an added extra.  The feel-goods you get from knowing that you live in a community so generous, so invested in their fellow citizens and as enamored with these awesome VWs as we are {that's important, right?!} is the bottom line.  

VW affinity aside, a huge thank you is deserved for each and every person who came out, donated and hung out with our awesome crew in the middle of a parking lot on a hot summer Wyo day.  THANK YOU!  

Long story short, filling busses with stuff rocks pretty hard...we're definitely going to get up to that again. 

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