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I hopped on the road to more artsy Wyo exploration and landed at the enchanting Seminoe State Park. Nestled in the heart of central Wyoming, this hidden of the most hidden gems proved to be a perfect canvas for creativity. From breathtaking sunrises atop the craggy ridgeline to paddling through serene (and sometimes windy) waters and encountering the untamed beauty of the wilderness, Seminoe State Park left an indelible (and completely unexpected) mark on my little artist soul.


Pack that open mind. 

Seminoe State Park was totally uncharted territory for me. The anticipation of exploring a place I had never set foot in before definitely made this park an exciting part of my itinerary. Upon arrival, the park's untouched beauty immediately turned my head. It was a vast reminder that even in the age of technology and information, there are still hidden pockets of natural gorgeousness waiting to be uncovered… especially because cell phone service was amazingly hard to come by. (They do have marked areas of the park where service can be had… if you insist.)


Lace up those boots and chase the sunrise.

There's something magical about witnessing the sunrise from a vantage point that makes you feel like you're the only one on top of the world. The ridgeline hike at Seminoe State Park offered exactly that and completely made me earn every inch. As the first light of day painted the sky with hues of gold and pink (while I painted it), I felt a distinct connection to the universe in that moment. One that made me take a deep breath and just feel.


Paddle your little heart out. 

I will argue into perpetuity that there is no better way to spend a sunny day than a paddle across a lake to a secluded beach.  Pushing off from Sunrise Beach, the rhythmic sounds of the water against the paddleboard, the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) breeze on my face, and the vast expanse of water gifted me with a sense of freedom. Beaching my board at the cove, I felt like I had stumbled upon a secret oasis, a place where time stood still.


Explore the backcountry (safely, please).

My residency at  Seminoe took an adventurous turn as I hopped in a side-by-side and rock crawled  up past the Seminoe Dam and into the mountains to witness the park from a bird's-eye view. The breathtaking panorama that unfolded turned me absolutely speechless. Peering over the ledge and peeking Kortes Reservoir glinting in the sunlight, framed by rugged terrain put the land into perspective as it melted into the gorgeous valley around Morgan Creek.  The geology of the region told a story of time, shaping the landscape into a masterpiece that nature alone can create.


Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. 

The allure of Seminoe State Park one hundred percent extended beyond its picturesque vistas. During the morning hikes, I encountered signs of life that reminded me of the untamed wilderness calls this corner of the globe home. The sight of big horn sheep gracefully navigating the rocky terrain and the discovery of mountain lion tracks almost the size of my palm reminded me just how small I truly am. It was also an incredible hint about being prepared and aware that nature is always in control. The silence of the park was a symphony of its own, convincing me to listen closely to the whispers of nature.

Nature is my must-listen soundtrack. 

What truly captivated me about Seminoe was the overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility that permeated every corner. The quiet moments spent gazing at the vast red rock formations and the earthy tones that painted the park's landscape and watching the hummingbirds flit across the barbed wire fence in the evenings won’t leave my mind’s eye for quite some time. Through my art, I aim to capture not just the visual beauty, but also the emotional depth that this serene spot brought to my feels.

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