Pollie the Bear Original Painting

Pollie the Bear Original Painting

40"x30" // Acrylic on 2" gallery-wrapped canvas

Get ready to be enchanted by Bria Hammock's piece featuring a big, bold, and irresistibly cuddly grizzly bear lady. This artwork is all about celebrating the awe-inspiring beauty and gentle strength of this magnificent creature.

Let me tell you, her choice of vibrant and rich hues adds a burst of energy to the canvas. It's like a visual explosion of life and vitality. Every brushstroke has been carefully placed to convey the wildness and spirit of the bear, capturing her essence in every stroke.

And let's talk about those brushstrokes! They're bold, expressive, and full of life. You can almost feel the energy flowing through each one, bringing the bear lady to life. It's like the artist's hand danced across the canvas, leaving behind a trail of movement and vitality.

When you look at this painting, you'll feel a connection with the untamed wilderness. It's an invitation to embrace the wild and let it ignite your imagination. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the power of nature, this painting will leave you in awe.


Artwork is UV coated and comes with a certificate of authenticity, wired and ready to hang. 

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