Turquoise Drop Earrings // Copper
Turquoise Drop Earrings // Copper

Turquoise Drop Earrings // Copper

Hand-made in Wyoming, this awesome minimalist turquoise set is perfect for any outfit and any adventure.




The Turquoise stone is associated with personal protection, making it a popular protective shield for ancient warriors heading out into battle. The bright and stunning hue of the Turquoise crystal has been discovered in the ceremonial masks and battle gear of the Aztecs, a tribe that revered this decorative stone for its ability to provide personal protection against negative forces. In the case of the ancients, it served as a bodyguard against invading marauders and other challenges of antiquity. According to Persian legend, the Turquoise crystal stone was believed to bring good luck when it reflected the light of the new moon. 

Hand-twisted kidney clasps are nickel-free copper wire and stones are rough turquoise.

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